Beautifully made Modern Australiana for kids

Beautifully made
Modern Australiana for kids

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About Puggle Post

Puggle Post is a space where parents and friends can select gifts with integrity that celebrate Australia in a really authentic way.

It’s filled with beautifully made, special things that represent the Australia we know and love and that feature gorgeous Australian animals, environments and icons in simple, understated ways.

All the items are designed or made in Australia according to sustainable, ethical principals.

4 Reasons to Love Puggle Post

Australia's only Australiana kids store

AMAZING overseas shipping rates

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Environmentally and ethically responsible

Redefining Australiana

Sadly “Australiana” is often synonymous with the type of kitsch, tacky merchandise found in souvenir shops. But this is changing, as you know because you’ve scrolled this far!

But there are a new breed of artists and designers who are passionate about representing Australia in a tasteful modern way. We’ve interviewed lots of them to learn about their inspiration and what makes them tick. Oh and look out for special offers as you go!

Roads Less Travelled

“Australian design done right is something that we felt was missing in children’s fashion. I’m amazed at how little people know about our Australian native plants and animals” – Read on to learn about Dusty Road Apparel’s unique take on Australiana and clothing design.

Making the Ordinary, Extraordinary!

“I love to try and capture the feel of a place,rather than people. I love the city, and the beauty of the ordinary – where I find my inspiration.” – Read on to learn about illustrator Antonia Pesenti’s inspiration behind popular children’s books Alphabetical Sydney and Numerical Street.

Emondo Kids – A World of Mealtime Fun

Introducing Sharon Hunter, the inspirational woman behind Emondo Kids – creators of the Australian animal bamboo plates that are currently taking Instagram by storm! “Be stong enough to stand alone, smart enought to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it”.

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