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What is Modern Australiana? | Puggle Post

What is Modern Australiana?

I’m glad you asked!

Have you ever cringed at the rows of merchandise that so often lines the shelves of souvenir shops? Have you ever wondered why this mass produced, often imported, often garish, ‘stuff for the sake of stuff’ is an acceptable form of welcome to people visiting the country for the first time?

Have you ever wanted something representative of Australia for your home or for your children?  Something that connects you to the Australia you know and love, or something that perhaps you can use to teach your children about their country? Something that is beautiful, tasteful, and yet subtle?

Have you ever wracked your brains over something meaningful to send to a loved one that doesn’t scream cliché and kitsch?

All you can see is row upon row of stuffed koalas, Southern cross embellished thongs, road sign fridge magnets and stubby holders…

People, we can do better!

It turns out that you are not alone. In studios and workshops throughout the county, are some of Australia’s most talented designers and artists, creating beautiful, quality and thoughtfully made products. From pottery to puzzles, from hosiery to homeware, to story books to stationery and everything in between. This is Modern Australiana!

Also referred to as Contemporary Australiana or New Australiana, Modern Australiana is all about beautiful, bespoke items which are carefully crafted and that truly reflect Australia’s natural beauty and culture. Whether influenced by Australia’s exotic and diverse animals, it’s distinct and unique flora, or its famous cultural icons, Modern Australiana is not really about souvenirs. It’s for us*. It’s for our homes. It’s for our kids. And yes, it’s to give to loved ones.

There are so many designers who I can’t wait to tell you about, yet so little room in one blog. Therefore I’ll be posting special features on these incredible designers over the next few weeks. If you want a sneak peek you can always check out my Instagram as the designer will be tagged in the image.

So I hope you’re all feeling a little clearer about what Modern Australia is and what it represents.

Stay posted for upcoming interviews with some incredibly talented designers who are working hard to breathe life into a modern representation of Australiana.

Click here to browse our full range of Modern Australiana for kids

Click here for Modern Australiana!

*I read this phrase in a post by We Are Scout and it describes things perfectly.

This amazing photo is courtesy of Jen Long, Seven Hats

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