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Creative Conversations: Chloe Watts from Blueberry + Co

I recently spoke to Chloe Watts, creator and designer at Blueberry + Co, home the extremely popular Monochrome Baby Book about life, work and Australiana.

The Monochrome Baby book is ingeniously designed journal to document the all important memories and moments of your child’s first five years. Chloe’s appreciation for the outdoors is delightfully yet subtly woven throughout book which with quirky illustrations of Australian flora: from the mighty port jackson fig tree forming centerpeice in the Family Tree section, to the delicate sketches of wildflowers and our unmistakable eucalyptus flowers.

Puggle Post Monochrome Baby Book

It sounds like life has been pretty busy for you over the last year or two. What were you doing before embarking on motherhood and starting your own business?
Life before being a mum and Blueberry + Co feels sooo very far away! I’m a Landscape Architect; so a little over 2 years ago (before maternity leave) I was working for Local Government as a Landscape Architect designing and project managing new parks and streets. It’s a pretty great job, and I loved doing it. I still work as a Landscape Architect designing private gardens however as Blueberry + Co grows that’s something I’m phasing out.

You’ve got a lovely illustration style. Do you have any favourite Australian artists or designers who’ve inspired you along the way?
I really love edgy and fun graphics. I absolutely love the style of Mulga the Artist and Ellie Whitaker. They both use colour and strong bold line work and repetitive patterns to give their work complexity and interest, which I love. They both post lots on Instagram showing their process and ideas and its such a great way to see behind the scenes.

After growing up on the coast how are you adapting to life in the Southern Highlands?
We haven’t!! We moved to the Southern Highlands to be closer to family, and that has been great, however we didn’t realise how much we’d miss the sea. In about 6 weeks we’ll be making the move to the north island of New Zealand to a little sea-side town called Mangawhai. We’re so excited to have the ocean as part of our every day life again. For us it’s a big part of our recreation time as well as our mental health. A walk along the beach can cure most things.

Why is Modern Australiana important to you?
We try really hard to produce as much of our products in Australia as possible (and will continue to do so after our move). I really believe that consumers want unique products and are willing to pay for items that are made in Australia. Our books are printed and bound in NSW- we’re really proud of that and it is a great selling point for international customers.

How did the name Blueberry + Co come about?
When my daughter was in utero we nicknamed her blueberry and as soon as she was born it was clear that she was the boss and we were her support team… hence the name Blueberry + Co.

What does the future hold for Blueberry + Co?
Well… other than our big move we are attending our first trade only event in Sydney (Rouge Lifestyle) and we’re also expanding our product range to feature a School Years book and a Rainbow Family Edition of our Monochrome Baby Book for all our same-sex families out there. It’s all VERY exciting!!

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Photos courtesy of Chloe Watts, Blueberry + Co

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