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Puggle Post Australian animal bamboo plates

Creating A World of Mealtime Fun

A Creative Conversation with Sharon Hunter of Emondo Kids

We recently and very proudly became a stockist for Emondo Kids, creators of the ‘Aussie Friends’ Australian Animal bamboo plates.

Now, these plates are no ordinary kids dinnerware: Aussie Friends plates are fast becoming a foodie phenonomen taking over the ‘food-lay’ corner on Instagram. And, yes, there is such a thing! (It’s when you photograph food from straight above and the results can be quite stunning.)

If ever there was a product destined to join Puggle Post’s collection, it’s Emondo Kids’ beautifully designed plates. Not only do they feature gorgeous (and cheeky looking) Australian animals but being made from bamboo they are 100% Eco-friendly. And they really do create a sense of fun – even for fussy eaters.

Let me introduce you to Sharon Hunter, the talented and extremely inspirational woman behind Emondo Kids. Sharon amazingly dreamed, researched and fulfilled her business idea for Emondo Kids in less than a year!

Puggle Post Australian Inspired Bamboo Plates

You’re from Italy. When did you come out to Australia? Was it for work or pleasure?
I came to Australia in 2006 on a holiday working visa. I travelled and worked around the country for two years where I met my now husband. We went back to Europe together for three years and I returned as a permanent resident in 2011 when we got married. I have just applied for citizenship last week! Eeeeek!

How did you come up with the concept of Emondo Kids?
The concept started with a simple desire, to make meal times a little easier for my fussy eater, and has transformed into helping other parents just like me.

As a mum, I know there’s only so many times I could throw away food, clear up the mess, and deal with the dinner time tantrums – I’d had enough! There had to be something I could do to make life less stressful for us all! And then it dawned on me. What if I could have a plate that was fun enough to keep her distracted, easy for me to make meals look appealing and healthy enough for my child and the planet? And that’s how Emondo Kids was born.

What’s the story behind your business name?
I am a Brand-Rep mum (yes.. I know! ) and my daughter’s Instagram account is @ellorysworld, Emondo stands for E for Ellory (my inspiration) and Mondo which is Italian for World.

As a Mumpreneur and having started the business from scratch and growing so fast, what’s the no.1 thing you’ve learnt over the last 12 months?
When things gets hard, that’s when you need to keep going and not give up! And if you are struggling, ask for help! I have asked and accepted help from numerous successful people and I would not be here if it wasn’t for their help.


You have an enviable number of customers sharing and tagging Emondo Kids in social media posts. Why do you think people love your products so much?
First of all I was lucky enough to create a product that I believe fills a gap in the market. Secondly I knew there were so many mum’s like me that wanted to be more creative with kids meals, but lacked the time and inspiration. Emondo Kids plates are like a colouring book, you just need to fill in the spaces with foods and voila’! Your kids think they have been treated to an amazing meal, and mum feels like she has could compete in Masterchef. It’s a win-win! Plus they are made from bamboo, which has amazing antibacterial properties and is environmentally friendly.

You clearly love photography and the creative side of your business, how do you keep inspired?
I studied Fine Art and Media as well as Fashion Design in a former life, so I have always had a love for taking photos and being creative. This tends to shine through on all my social media outlets. I am just a very visual person. I never thought I would enjoy creating a #foodlay but here I am, getting addicted to trying new things with food everyday! Also receiving messages from other mums telling me they are loving getting creative with food and their plates. It really inspires me to help others make that first step into challenging themselves and just giving it a go.

Who’s your chief ‘tester’? What happens when there’s a delay on lunch because Mummy needs to take an action shot first?
Ah ah ah! Ellory, my 2.5 old, has been my muse and my QC tester since day 1. She pretty much refuses to eat now, unless it’s on one of my plates! She knows the routine and she sits next to my board and says “ I have to wait for a bit, mummy is doing a flatlay!”  I love having her sneaky hands in my pictures so I usually take a few without and then I ask her to grab a specific food or to touch Lizzie’s eye for example and snap a pic.

Why is producing an environmentally friendly & sustainably managed product important to you?
In this day and age we live in an extremely disposable society. We don’t fix things, or reuse things anymore. We just throw it away, and get a new one! While my impact may be small, I really feel that we all have a conscious obligation to do our part (no matter how big or small) to minimise the impact we have on this planet. Knowing that my plates are made with a highly renewable and sustainable material, really means a lot to myself and the brand.

What do you love about living in Australia?
Everything. (no wait… I don’t like Sharks and Spiders and snakes and…) Having lived in Italy and London for most of my life I was so used to living very confined and busy spaces. I love that Australia is so spread out.  Houses are spacious and the lifestyle is just more appealing to what it would be back home right now. and the beach… well.. the beaches are AMAZING!

What’s your favourite Australian Native animal and why?
Hands down the wombat! I don’t know why, but I just wish I could have one as a pet to cuddle. I just LOVE THEM!

Puggle Post Product testing Emondo Kids bamboo koala plate

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Thank you Emondo Kids for sharing your story and providing the gorgeous images x

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