Our Awesome Sydney Adventure

Book Review and Day Journal – by Rachel Brittliff

Intro by Carmel Griffith

Refreshed from Summer holidays, January signifies not only a brand new year for me, but more importantly a time to embark on the “big” school phase for our eldest son, Eric.  It’s going to be pretty awesome!

Talking of awesome, Puggle Post now has a stockpile of My Awesome Sydney Adventure activity books. You have no idea how great this book is.  Not only is it an activity book but it’s an excuse to go out on your very own family adventure. And yes, you still have time before school officially starts again!

This is exactly what Rachel from Curious Kids Science did last week. With kids in tow, Rachel and her partner set out on a Sydney day out and she documented their whole experience – kind of like a book review. Interestingly, Rachel is one of our very first customers and just happens to live just down the road from us in Sydney’s Inner West… and I figured you guys would love to read a review from one of our fave customers than just take my word for it.


A day out exploring Sydney with “My Awesome Sydney Adventure” activity book.

Our Awesome Sydney Adventure

Yesterday we headed off to Circular Quay as a family. It’s January and the kids were armed with a copy of My Awesome Sydney Adventure. Although we are Sydney-siders we don’t often head in to the Quay. We would generally head to the massive playground in Darling Harbour or hang out in our local neighbourhood. But today, determined to do something a little different, we packed our backpacks with a picnic, ventured to the train station (minding the gap of course!) and hopped aboard. In less than 20 minutes we were at our destination. 

One of the reasons that we don’t often head into the Quay is that I always feel like there needs to be a specific purpose or activity when planning a family outing. I often worry there’s not enough going on to hold the attention of my 6 and 3-year-old children. My partner and I were waiting for the chorus of “I’m bored”, “I’m hungry” and “Is it home time yet?”.  

And this is where our day started to get interesting. We were delighted that both children wanted to stop and look at the ferries as soon as we got off the train. Little Mr 3 was pointing to the wharf “Ferry! Ferry!”. He has a book about a Sydney Harbour Ferry and wanted to know where each one was going and why. Meanwhile, my eldest was busy spelling out and reading all of the Ferry names and destinations. Even “Ferry McFerry Face” was there. (Can you believe it?) 

We ambled around towards the Opera House and saw some jet boats and both kids were really happy taking in all the sights. When we got to the Opera House steps, my daughter opened her copy of My Awesome Sydney Adventure and began to read aloud the page with information about the Opera House!  

We continued on to the Botanic Gardens and set out our picnic mat under the shade of a huge fig tree. We plonked down in full view of Sydney Harbour, the Bridge and the Opera House. What a sight! We munched away while Mr 3 investigated the plants and Miss 6 got busy colouring in some pages in her activity book and read us interesting facts about the sights in front of us. Did you know Sydney could have been called ‘Albion’? But after some consideration Captain Philip changed his mind and named it after Lord Sydney instead.

After lunch we re-traced our steps and headed to the opposite side of the Quay which houses the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA). Close by, we treated ourselves to some of the most delicious ice-cream ever at Royal Copenhagen (it happens to be my partners favourite too. It can’t be ALL about the kids!). They have a great deal with $4 ice-cream scoops in a cup or a cone for kids under 10 and only $6 for the smallest adult cone. $20 for ice-cream for a family of 4 in Sydney is a pretty great deal! We sat in the small park, talking about our adventure; what we had seen, what we experienced and what our favourite part of the day was.  

On our way home on the train My Awesome Sydney Adventure just kept on giving as Miss 6 wanted to continue completing the activities in her book – relating pages to our very own adventure and already asking about some of the other places mentioned. I’m feeling another family outing is in order!  

Our whole trip cost us the price of three train fares ($15 return) and the ice-cream. That’s $35 for a family day out (not including our home-packed picnic). We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, got some exercise and learned a little about some of the icons that make our city so special. 

Whether you are considering buying My Awesome Sydney Adventure for your kids, as a present for other Sydney-siders or even for friends visiting from interstate or overseas, I couldn’t recommend it more highly. Grab a copy and plan your family adventure. It might just be as awesome as ours.   

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