Every kid (and adult) should have one of these eco-friendly bamboo plates!

Perfect for kids in Australia or for an overseas gift, these plates are now a firm favourite here at Puggle Post HQ.


  • Bamboo bowl and koala plate combo

    Bamboo Bowl and Koala Plate Combo

    $85.90 $79.95
  • Suction Cap Bamboo Bowl from above

    ‘Bambo’ the Bamboo Bowl

  • Lizard Bamboo Plate by Emondo Kids

    ‘Lizzie Frilled-Neck Lizard’ Bamboo Plate

  • Puddles Platypus Bamboo Plate

    ‘Puddle Platypus’ Bamboo Plate

  • Waldo Wombat Plate

    ‘Waldo Wombat’ Bamboo Plate

  • Karri Koala Plate

    ‘Karri Koala’ Bamboo Plate