Every parent will love you if you give their child a puzzle! Puzzles make wonderful gifts as they are great for developing hand-eye coordination, developing fine and gross motor skills, learning shape recognition, early problem solving and for memory development. All our puzzle have been tested and enjoyed immensely here at Puggle Post HQ!

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  • 17 piece brightly coloured wooden puzzle wiith Australian birds and tree.

    Australian Bird Tree Wooden Puzzle

  • a 14 piece wooden koala puzzle made from sustainable timber

    Koala Mum and Baby Wooden Puzzle

  • Numerical Koala Puzzle

    Wooden Koala Number Puzzle (Pre-schooler)

  • Australia Map Puzzle

    Australia Map Puzzle

  • Puggle Post The One That Got Away Puzzle - MIllions of Monkeys

    The One That Got Away Puzzle

  • The Birthday Party Puzzle

    The Birthday Party Puzzle

  • Puggle Post - Millions of Monkeys Flight of the Quolls - Puzzle

    Flight of the Quolls Floor Puzzle

  • Night of the Numbats Floor Puzzle

  • Wooden Kangaroo Puzzle by Artiwood

    Wooden Kangaroo Puzzle