About Puggle Post

Hello! I’m Carmel, the owner and creator of Puggle Post.

I’m not from Australia but I am Australian. Since moving here from the UK more than 10 years, I have considered it my home.  I’m so in love with this vibrant, ingenious country that’s full of depth, colour and warmth.

I celebrate this country every day. And I like to share it with my friends and family too so when it comes time to choosing a present to send overseas I strive to find something uniquely Australian – a little piece of the Australia that I know and love.

I believe Australia is so much better than they way it is represented in souvenir shops and even mainstream media.  I’m so put off by the plastic koalas and the like – often made with minimal environmental and ethical regard.

And that’s why I created Puggle Post.  It’s filled with beautifully made, modern Australiana for kids. It IS uniquely Australian. You’ll find enchanting and stunningly illustrated puzzles by contemporary artists, unique children’s books written and illustrated right here by local Sydney mums and nursery prints that feature gorgeous Australian creatures in simple, understated ways. All the items are designed or made in Australia and alignin with my personal principles of sustainable and ethical living. Gift giving with Puggle Post is hassle free. Items can be gift wrapped, posted locally and even shipped overseas.

Puggle Post is a space where parents and friends can select gifts for children with integrity that celebrate Australia in a really authentic way. After all, it’s with the next generation that we can positively change how we embrace Australia.

Every product in store is carefully sourced by yours truly. I hope you’ll love them as much as I do.

Carmel x

About Me

Originally from the UK, I first touched down in Sydney as a backpacker some ten years when I moved to Australia with my partner who landed a job on the other side of the world.

Fast forward ten years, here we both are: married, with a house, two citizenship certificates, three birth certificates, five passports and three bouncing, boisterous boys. We’re here to stay!

When I’m not brushing up on my negotiating skills with my three year old or wrangling my eighteen month twin toddlers, and when I’ve finished dealing with (or ignored) the devastation that is my living room at the end of the day, you can find me online, discovering some of Australia’s most talented designers, makers and creators in my quest to revolutionise Australiana.

And when neither in ‘mum’ mode, nor in ‘setting up my business’ mode, you can find me entrenched in my day job. I am an environmental consultant by profession, with a masters degree in sustainable waste management. Sustainability is not just a profession to me but is a way of life and a driving value behind this business.

While I have only recently entered the world of business, I can truly say that I have found my niche. Far from what I expected, I’m finding it to be such a rewarding and supportive environment to work in and I’ve met some amazing and inspirational people along the way. It’s by no coincidence that 99% of the people I work with are mums. Be it business experts, website developers, graphic designers or product creators, it’s mums supporting mums. And I love it.