Australian Animal Growth Chart Decal


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An ingenious growth chart for children - not only is it a sweet artwork in its own right, it's a decal! This means you can re-position it every time you rearrange your child's room or when you move house - it's perfect for renters!

Illustrated and made in Melbourne by Squid Ink Art and printed on textured fabric with an adhesive backing allowing for safe re-positioning when ever you need to move things around. This very sweet artwork in soft, gender neutral colours, depicts platypus in the water, wombats, an echidna, emus and kangaroos on land, koalas, a possum and kookaburras in the tree. Where will you kids be excited to reach?

The size of the chart is 105cm x 36cm. The growth chart itself measures in 10cm increments from 65cm to 170cm in height.


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