Australian Animal Stacking Blocks

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A delightful and playful representation of Australian animals, on retro-styled wooden stacking blocks, and featuring a koala, a dingo, a kangaroo,a platypus, a cockatoo and a possum.

These unique, quirky and solid blocks feature original illustrations and are finished with laquer to create a durable, bright, collector’s item, souvenir and toy.

Handmade in Brisbane from locally sourced discarded offcuts.

Stack dimensions: 21cm x 7cm x 7cm

Weight: 440g

About Red Fox Ink

The artist, designer and maker behind Red Fox Ink, Libby, best describes Red Fox Ink as ‘Cheeky Geek’.

All too aware of how much serious stuff fills our days, Libby’s toys for little and big kids are purposefully absurd, delightfully unnecessary, but endlessly entertaining!

I love that her kids range is designed to avoid cultural stereotyping and gender-biased role definitions, supporting an ethos of inter-cultural respect and gender diversity.

Red Fox Ink products are made (where possible) from locally sourced discarded off-cuts and up-cycled wood which, coupled with the durability of construction, supports Red Fox Ink’s focus on sustainable living.