‘Bambo’ the Bamboo Bowl


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'Bambo the Bowl' has to be the most excellent suction cap kids dinnerware I've come across.

First and foremost it's a stylish and highly durable bamboo bowl in its own right, just like our Emondo Kids bamboo plates, and featuring Kari Koala of said plate family at the bottom of the bowl.

Made from extra thick, high quality BPA free silicone, the detachable suction cap takes Bambo to whole new level of functionality. Seriously, on a flat surface it will not come off (unlike most other types I've tried over the last 4 years...)

When you're past the 'hurling entire plates of food on the floor' stage, the suction cap can be flipped to add some stability and grip to the bowl (so that it doesn't slide off 'accidentally') but your (now strong willed and determined) toddler will be able to move it and enjoy their new found independence at the dinner table.

Finally the cap can be removed altogether for both and kids an adults to enjoy.

Bambo the Bowl makes the perfect companion to our highly loved Bamboo Plates


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