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Sleepy Kiwi Board Book


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An adorable baby board book about a cute little kiwi who sleeps all day long and wakes up at night to watch over sleeping babies.

Cleverly designed to cater to little ones as they evolve through their early years: with bold black and white graphics that babies can see and respond to right from birth; and then later down the track as an early reader.

With chunky pages perfect for toddlers, and easily wiped down if required, this is a treasured book that will be around for generations.

Oh and while we know Kiwi’s aren’t Australian, Sleepy Koala and Sleepy Kiwi are such good friends it seems only right we should invite Sleepy Kiwi to the party!

More about the book

Sleepy Koala is designed to help establish healthy sleep time routines through reading to babies from day 1.

As babies can only initially see in black and white, Sleepy Koala engages babies right from birth, with bold black and white graphics that babies can see and respond to – this is wonderful feedback for new parents.

Further down the track, the book is a great first reader and has been particularly designed for children suffering from dyslexia.

Through use of repetition and onomatopoeia rather than forced rhyme, it is more natural to read aloud and encourage a relaxed transition to sleep.

Little + Sleepy is the story of two friends with a passion for bringing new ideas to life.

Kat Merewether is successful author in New Zealand author and illustratorr, currently achieving massive success with her own range of books. Anneliese works with NZ artists to create products for the NZ gift market through her company Tikitibu.

Sleepy Kiwi is proving to be very popular with new parents here in Australia.

As Kat suffers from dyslexia, it was particularly important to her to design the Little+Sleepy range in a dyslexic-friendly format, from the fonts to the non-use of any glyphs or serifs that can present reading obstacles.


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